Hospitalization Insurance

If you are concerned about health and Hospitalization Insurance, you should know there are now insurance plans that cover you if you are a hospital patient, even if you don't have regular health insurance. This is called "hospital care only" insurance.

Hospital only insurance plans cover services you receive while you are a patient in the hospital. They do not cover out patient services such has doctor visits, lab tests not performed in the hospital or your annual health exam. This type of insurance also does not cover surgery that is performed in a doctor's office or out patient clinic.

On the other hand you may not be able to afford comprehensive health insurance that covers preventive care, doctor's visits, lab tests and hospitalization. In that case, hospital only insurance plans can be a great back up to protect you in case of catastrophic illness or accident. One type of hospital insurance only that makes sense is if you are uninsured and planning to have a baby. This way you can plan to purchase this insurance, just before you hope to get pregnant so you will have your maternity needs covered, at least for the hospital. If you get a family plan, the new baby is automatically covered for his or her hospital care as well.

If you know you have will be having major surgery, you can purchase this type of insurance and know that it will take care of your expenses, which can be quite high. Be sure you are aware of any pre-existing condition clauses when you purchase hospital coverage health insurance.

Lastly, if you have comprehensive health insurance and are expecting to undergo major surgery, you may want to look into an additional hospital only health insurance plan to cover hospital expenses that your current plan may not cover completely. It may be an inexpensive way to get the most complete coverage for your upcoming hospital stay.